Children's Yoga and Mindfulness

South Downs Yoga is dedicated to the happiness and wellbeing of children

South Downs Yoga provides Yoga and Mindfulness classes to children from age 2 to 11 within a Playgroup, Nursery or School setting. These classes can be for a whole class or also on a 1:2:1 basis.

We offer classes within curriculum time as well as Yoga for PE Classes and Yoga Afterschool Clubs.

In today's target and screen driven world children's yoga and mindfulness offers children a chance to strengthen and relax their bodies and their minds. This enables them to create a great sense of purpose, self confidence and acceptance, and also an understanding of themselves, others and the world around them.

We use age and development appropriate yoga poses, yoga games, songs and tried and tested mindfulness methods to allow the children to use their imaginations and reach their full potential.


Lydia Styles has been working with us at Fittleworth CE Village School since June 2017. She is a parent here so we already knew her well.

Over recent years Lydia has been continuously developing her training in the teaching of Yoga and has a particular interest and skill in working with children. Having identified a number of children whom we felt would directly benefit from the calming, strengthening and improved concentration that Yoga might bring; we invited Lydia in on a trial period. She delivered a number of very successful ‘taster’ sessions throughout the school and was also given time to work with target individuals and groups.

The children love it and feedback from parents, some of whom voiced initial scepticism, has all been really positive. In school we have children who are now better equipped to deal with frustration and anxiety and who are able to concentrate for slightly longer periods. We have also witnessed an improvement in those who struggle physically with co-ordination, core strength and fine motor skills. Lydia continues to work successfully with these children and also runs a popular after school club.

At a recent meeting with school staff and Governors, Lydia was able to perfectly articulate the many benefits of Yoga while linking these directly and succinctly back to child psychology and good teaching and learning practices. She was also able to share some simple strategies that teaching staff could immediately put to effective use in their classrooms.

With recently acknowledged increases in incidents of childhood mental health issues nationally, Yoga would seem to be at least one obvious antidote to childhood stress.

Graham Bloomfield


Fittleworth CE Village School